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Santa Claus is coming to town!

A Touch of Magic brings the magic of Santa Claus to life in the Twin Cities!

Santa HOME Visits

Thinking about ways to make Christmas special this year?  We know your children are so excited for Santa to come, they can hardly wait...and then they hear something.  Could it be? Is SANTA here? 

Virtual Visit with Santa

Imagine your children's delight and astonishment that you have Santa Claus on speed dial!! Picture their excitement when he knows them personally and is taking the time to speak with them... live!

Custom-made Santa Video

You know that Naughty & Nice list? We can help your kids stay on the Nice list with a custom created video message from Santa Claus to YOUR Children, highlighting their strengths and including what they need to work on!

Santa for your Event

We would love to spread holiday cheer to your friends, colleagues and family this year by providing your group with our wildly popular holiday characters - Santa, Mrs. Claus and of course the Elves.  But book early! The Best Santas in Minnesota are in high demand!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours

We are not a national “Hire-a-Santa-near-me” company which dispatches local Santas. We ARE your local Santa Claus provider, and we have direct access to the REAL Santa Claus, (and the best Santa) direct from the North Pole (but vacationing in MN, in case your children ask!) :o) Oh yeah, and Mrs. Claus is available too! 

We are a family-owned and operated local St. Paul / Minneapolis, Minnesota based company, with over 30 years entertaining the Twin Cities. From our family to yours, we wish you the happiest of holidays!

Worth EVERY DOLLAR and then some. Fabulous job, Santa!

- Parents of Josh and Sophie

there is more to santa than his appearance!

*Spoiler Alert* (make sure the kids are in bed).

Let’s face it… there is so much more to Santa how he looks, which is why we take the time to talk to you about your event! Most people believe they only want a Santa who has grown his own beard, and who can blame them? But if you are booking Santa for the very first time, you need to screen your Santa very carefully. An old man with a naturally white beard and plump figure is not enough to guarantee a magical (and safe) experience with Santa Claus! You want a professional Santa who respects children, who is fun, playful and jovial!  But don’t just take our work for it – Read our Reviews!

While we prefer (and are biased towards) Real and Natural beard Santas, we know just as many talented and magical Santas with Designer beards who are told by children “You’re the REAL Santa”, as we do Real Beard and Natural Beard Santas in the Twin Cities.  It all comes down to charisma, commitment and credentials! Plus, the reality is that some men who “look the part” also have health considerations: diabetes, heart conditions, bad knees, etc. While we are not spring chickens, we are old enough to play the part, and young enough to have the kind of magical persona you want from your Santa! An energetic, dynamic Santa can not only get down on the ground with the children, he can get back up again!

Every year, we hear horror stories of event planners who regretted going with a bad or cheap Santa. Every day I ask people about their events, and if they have hired holiday characters in the past, I always wonder why they are shopping again this year.

Here are real questions and comments from prospective customers in recent years, which emphasize that all Minnesota Santas are not alike, and it case it isn’t obvious, none of these comments are about OUR team!

  • Speaking of her Santa last year (not one of mine!), she said: “He looked fine, and he was okay with the kids, but he was kind of a primadonna. He complained about the chair, the photographer, the carpet. And he made us move our other activities away from him, so that he could be the center of attention.” (We know that the most important people at your event are your GUESTS, not your entertainment! Yes, we’re detail oriented and will make suggestions–far in advance– of what you need for a successful visit, but we will work with whatever you have!)
  • Another one we just heard (again, not about US)…“Is Santa healthy?” (Last year, her Santa was coughing and telling everyone about his COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Of course, we know that underneath the costumes is a real human being, but as a children’s beloved character, there is such a thing as TMI!)
  • Imagine the stress for this client who called me when his Santa flaked: “I called to confirm everything for my event in 2 days, and he had the wrong date on his calendar.” (We get complaints like this at least twice a week. Yes, mistakes can happen, but that is little comfort to an event planner who has 100 children expecting Santa, on short notice, when all the good Santas are booked! We put it all in writing, and we call you to make sure that you know that we know we’re going to be there!)
  • Another problem with a well known “Real Beard Santa” (but again, not one of mine!): “I had to change out of my elf suit, because Santa kept touching my behind” (Ewwww!!! Not on our watch!)
  • The client telling this story about her other Santa last year was describing that his conversation wasn’t very kid friendly: “One of the children asked where Mrs. Claus was, and Santa said, ‘She died!’ I tried to redirect, but he kept going, ‘She died a few years ago. I have been dating someone else, but I haven’t asked her to marry me yet.'” (This is a complete lapse in judgment! She was mortified, and so were we! My Santas don’t break character!)
  • Here is someone who called because her expectations last year weren’t met, even though they “looked” the part. “They looked like their picture, but I guess I expected them to do more than just sit there.” (This was someone referencing a Santa & Mrs. Claus duo. We never just “sit there”. We will always engage with your guests, young and old! We banter. We play. We sing. We read. We tell stories about the reindeer and the elves. We ENGAGE!)
  • “Can you provide a Mrs. Claus to help keep Santa awake?” (Because their Santa last year kept falling asleep in the chair. Our Santa will stay awake!)
  • “Does your Santa drive?” (Because they had to pick up Santa and bring him back home. And another client had to help him with his “Uber”. Yes! Santa drives!)
  • “Um, will Santa be sober at 10am?” (Because last year’s Santa had begun drinking by 9am, prior to their event. I can’t even begin to comment on this one! Sober? Yes!)
  • “Last year, Santa was late and ran past people in the parking lot half dressed.” (Try explaining that one to your child!!! We arrive early and ready to go!)
  • (Not a question, but a comment which left us speechless…) “Santa looked the part and everything, but he was a little inappropriate with the employees and their children.” (No one should have to deal with that!)

Let me emphasize that not every Santa who is cheap is bad, but the bad ones have a tendency to be cheap.

There’s a reason we sell out early each year! A great Santa will ensure that YOU have a worry-free experience!!! Remember that this isn’t a part time job for us! We bring joy and laughter year round. Check out our Google reviews (on all that we do), and you’ll see a consistent theme of laughter, reliability and peace of mind!

    Natural Beard Santa

      Real Beard Santa

        Designer Beard Santa

        Why do you want one of our REAL Santas?

        1. We make believers out of everyone! (Even that crabby Uncle of yours will come around.)
        2. We know how to talk to children. While it’s true that most people just want to take the photo, Santa spends time with each child, answering questions (about the North Pole, about Rudolph, about Mrs. Claus’ cookies… there is no question Santa can’t answer!)
        3. We’re funny! “Ho Ho Ho” isn’t what Santa Claus says… it’s the written way to represent Santa’s laughter. A real Santa is funny! He jovial! He laughs a lot! He makes jokes. He’s been around a long time, and that excitement and humor adds a wonderful element to any Christmas Party.
        4. We understand that some children are sensitive around animated characters (including Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Clowns, Chuck E. Cheese, etc.). A REAL Santa is compassionate to those little nippers and can spot the fear before the child is in full-throttle meltdown. Santa can help you get that picture you want, without causing distress to the child. (We invented the “photobomb” over 30 years ago!)
        5. A REAL Santa gives you peace of mind that everything will go well… including a background check, professional training, liability insurance, 100% track record for reliability, good hygiene, clean & well-maintained costume, drug & alcohol-free. (Sorry… we have to mention those last three, because we hear complaints from people about their ‘last Santa’ who… (fill in the blank– “was tipsy”, “looked disheveled”, “smelled bad”.)  While price isn’t the only indication of quality, if you do find someone whose prices seem too good to be true, feel free to read this short article I wrote about the 4 Hidden Costs of Saving Money.
        6. You will look like a hero for pulling strings at the North Pole to get a REAL Santa Claus at your event! 

        Hear from our customers about our Santa Videos. (Check Google for what they say about our live visits!)

        “This is so fun I cannot wait to show it to my grandchildren!!! We laughed and cried as we watched it! And it was delivered so FAST! It was so much more than I hoped for!”

        – Denise  Edina, MN

        ‘”TOO CUTE! This Santa ROCKS! My kids are going to be so excited to see their video after Thanksgiving!

        – Joe & Cooper’s Mom
        Woodbury, MN

        “Worth EVERY DOLLAR and then some.  Fabulous job, Santa. She got up and started picking up her toys before the video even ended!”

        – Jessica’s Mom
        Oakdale, MN



        Looking for something funny to get your group excited about your holiday party?

        We can make you a custom video for your company like this.




        Frequently Asked SANTA CLAUS Questions for HOME Visits:


        What makes your Santa Visit different than the others?

        We believe in the magic of Christmas! For home visits, we'll instruct you on how to make Santa magically appear! Then, we customize your visit with personal information on the family members. Santa will know things to ensure your children believe for a long time! Plus, he can deliver personal messages or gifts which you provide!


        How much does it cost?

        The cost varies, depending upon the location of the visit, the size of the group and the length of the visit. Most visits are between 15-20 minutes (which is a lot longer than it may seem), for an average family of up to 3 children. Visits run $229- $299 plus travel, where applicable. 


        What if we want more time with Santa?

        I know that 15-20 minutes doesn't seem like much, but I promise it is just right for the average family of up to 3 children. We want the visit to be long enough to be magical and special for each child, but not so long that the children get suspicious The longer he's there, the more questions your youngsters will ask, so it's best to leave while the impression is fresh and magical!


        What happens if we go longer than scheduled?

        Well, that depends if you're on the naughty or nice list. :o)  Seriously, though, a few minutes over the scheduled time is rarely a problem! But please keep in mind that Santa has a lot of families to visit, and we don't want them left waiting (just like you wouldn't want to be kept waiting)! We will work with you, however, to schedule the perfect time frame, so that everyone is present and ready.  If you have a larger family or anticipate needing a longer visit with Santa, we can schedule that for you in advance.


        What if we have a large family?

        For home visits with large families, you may wish to reserve two slots (especially if Santa is distributing your presents). Please remember that this isn't the Mall. In your home, Santa will take the time to spend with each child to make it a visit they will remember forever and ever. We don't want him (or the children) to feel rushed.


        Does Santa deliver presents?

        Yes! If you'd like. In most cases, Parents will leave wrapped presents in a garbage back outside the house (away from windows & doors), so that Santa can transfer them to his sack prior to entering.  We'll give you helpful hints on how to ensure each child gets the right present.


        How do I schedule Santa's visit?​

        In order to give impeccable customer service, we schedule our home visits by offering an arrival window. For example, if you want Santa after dinner, the arrival window might be 6:00pm-8:00pm, which means he'll arrive anywhere in that 2 hour window, ready to begin upon arrival. This allows for multiple visits and weather issues (The sleigh isn't used to Minnesota!) or other unforeseen delays. If you need Santa in a narrower window, it's available for an additional fee. And if you REALLY want to surprise your children, schedule the visit after they are in bed! Let them "catch" Santa putting the presents under the tree. Talk about MAGIC! You will treasure these photos and visits for a lifetime!


        Does Santa come to parties, or just private family visits?

        The Christmas Eve Home Visits are designed to be more about the magic of the holiday, and less about a "party entertainer" (though he IS quite entertaining!) If you are looking for Santa for a large party, give us a call, as we have special packages and pricing just for you.

        Voted Best Entertainment in Minneapolis!

        Looking for Holiday Entertainment for an Event?

        We would love to spread holiday cheer to your Minnesota friends, colleagues and family this year by providing our wildly popular holiday characters as well as our fast & fabulous balloon artists and face painters!

        still have questions?