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Professional Clowns

What is a “Professional Clown”?

It goes beyond professional training (including the prestigious Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College). Professional Clowns have the ability to reach audiences of all ages with silly antics, physical comedy, age-appropriate humor, sensitive approaches and the perfect interactions to ensure that your group is entertained!

If you have ever known anyone who had a bad or scary experience around a clown, then it’s generally because the clown simply wasn’t professional.  But our clowns are! Take a look!




“Children came to school the next day talking about both of you and giggling as they spoke. Parents stopped by my office just to tell me “IT WAS THE BEST WE’VE HAD AT HOUSE OF HOPE.”    J. Kircher, House of Hope Preschool

Concerned about the “Scary Clown” frenzy?

If you have been concerned about the “Scary Clown” frenzy, please rest assured that most of the “sightings” and hoaxes are little more than hype! REAL professional clowns are safe, and most children do not intuitively fear clowns. If you’d like to understand more about clowns and fear, please check out this article: The TRUTH about “SCARY” Clowns!

You can also click blow to hear Lori interviewed on NPR’s “All Things Considered” concerning the ‘scary clown” topic.

When you hire Minnesota’s favorite Clowns at A Touch of Magic…

  • Your youngsters will laugh out loud during our shows and even when we’re strolling with balloons or painting faces!
  • Your adults will appreciate their sensitive and gentle approach to children who are a bit hesitant.
  • Adults and children alike will be enchanted at the dynamic personalities of our Clowns! It’s not enough to put on makeup and funny costumes. “Real Clowns” are engaging, energetic and playful!
  • YOU will look like a hero for bringing the Twin Cities’ most popular entertainment company to your event!!

“...after the show was over, she asked to meet Half Pint and Oscar the clowns, then announced, I used to be afraid of clowns, but now I’m not!"

- M. Ahlf, W. 7th ECFE

Why choose A Touch of Magic Entertainment? 

Let’s face it, children do not appreciate that we all undergo rigorous background checks…but YOU will!

They may not recognize the value in working with a company which carries liability insurance…but YOU will!

They may not realize that of all of the things you’ll spend money on for your event, your entertainment will be the single-most-talked-about activity at the event…but YOU will!

When you let A Touch of Magic handle your entertainment, you’ll join the thousands of other satisfied repeat customers who agree that A Touch of Magic Entertainment has the sweetest and funniest Clowns in the Twin Cities!

Make sure to check out our Kids’ Comedy Show page if you’d like to sneak a peek at our Laugh-Out-Loud Comedy Shows for kids!

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