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“What is a Bubble Party?”

A Bubble Party is a unique kids program designed to provide enriching entertainment for children ages 3ish-6ish. They are usually performed at local pre-schools, daycares, and campgrounds and can even be amended to fit a private party such as a birthday party. They are mostly performed during regular “school hours” and outside in the school’s play area. In cases of winter or inclement weather, the program can be modified for certain indoor scenarios (carpeted, with larger space).

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Bubble Parties are generally 50 minutes long (20 minutes for Toddler add-on), encouraging constant movement and activity, featuring a variety of dance songs, activities and games. The music is upbeat and energetic, the activities are simple and easy to learn and every time a bubble song comes on, hundreds TENS OF THOUSANDS of bubbles flow and the energy becomes infectious. We also play fun activities and games that include Hula Hoops, Limbo Pole’s and more.

Each time the bubble machines turn on the children enter a bubble wonderland!



Q: Where do you perform the Bubble Parties?

A: Bubble Parties are best performed in an outdoor environment. This gives the kids more freedom and us more flexibility. Plus, it’s just fun for them to be outside! In cases of winter or other inclement weather, we can modify the performance for the indoor. Note: To do indoor parties, it must be a carpeted area large enough for kids to run and dance around in.

Q: What kind of tricks & games are utilized during the show?

A: There are a variety of types of bubble entertainers, many of which do tricks during the show. Our shows are more interactive with the kids and less of a performance. This means that we will have the kids involved in a variety of ways throughout the hour, instead of just sitting and watching. That being said, there are some bubble tricks, and a ton of games played that the kids will love.

Q: What type of music is played?

A: Most of the songs played are going to be children’s songs. There may be a few newer “pop” songs played, but only appropriate and clean songs.

Q: Are the programs only for younger children?

A: No. Our programs can be modified to accommodate older kids. We can also provide a modified bubble show for private birthday parties, pool parties and anything you think can be enhanced by parties, at any younger age. Generally not appropriate for teen or adult parties.

Q: Can you we change the length of the show?

A: Yes and No. Our daycare/preschool shows are fairly set in time. We do shorter programs for Toddler add-ons and to fit several groups in we will make smaller adjustments. These are decided prior to the day of the event. Private and camp shows can be extended up to 90 minutes to fit individual needs. We DO NOT shorten the bubble programs to 30 minutes as it tends to negatively affect the perception of the program.

Q: Are you insured and registered with the state?

A: Yes, we are insured and are registered with the state of Minnesota. 


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