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Airbrush, Henna and Glitter Tats

Airbrush Tattoos

We use only FDA compliant, cosmetic grade, Airbrush MAKEUP! This is not ink with hazardous chemicals, like some folks offer… So safe, it can be applied to the face. Lasts 3-5 days when cared for, but removable immediately with oil or alcohol! Our airbrush tattoo artists are also skilled in reaching large groups, while maintaining great artistry. Airbrush tattoos are a hit for any party! (And we are especially popular for senior all night parties as well as post-prom events!) Plus, you will love the professional look and personalities of our airbrush tattoo artists at your event! Airbrush tattoos are also a perfect match for swim parties and any event with water activities, lasting longer than traditional face paint. From the simple to the sublime, your guests will rave about their designs! In fact, ask us about our 3 styles “Simple Stencil”, “Medium Splash” and “Designer Tats”, or check out our gallery below and see if you can tell the difference! New in the Twin Cities, these “Designer Tats” (which look real!) are all the rage for airbrush tattoos in Minnesota. Plus, if your event has a them, we can create custom stencils for your school, company logo or sports team!


All the fun of a tattoo, with none of the commitment!

"The airbrush artist even arrived early to set up and be ready by 3:30. Thank you again. We were very happy with the services."

- S. Anwar, Mounds Park Academy

Glitter Tattoos

We use only cosmetic grade adhesive and glitter, designed to last 5-7 days, but removable immediately with oil or alcohol. And don’t be fooled. Just because it has “glitter” in the title doesn’t mean it only appeals to girls! We have a great selection of family-friendly designs which are popular for all ages and males & females alike! Our Glitter Tattoo Artists have exceptional skill with the products and are fun and friendly at any event!

Mehndi Henna

Henna stains the skin and lasts 2-3 weeks. We use only plant based henna with essential oils, free from chemicals and PPD! Beware of companies which offer “Black Henna” and chemical henna which can cause serious skin and organ damage! REAL henna is a brownish green when applied, and when the paste is removed, will leave a tea-colored stain that darkens for a couple of days. We pride ourselves on Henna Artists who are using the safest products. These are not “Henna Tattoos”. If someone offers you Henna tattoos, or tells you it’s Henna, but it comes  in any other color, again, beware!

We have a great menu of small, medium and large designs and can adjust the choices to reach more guests. And don’t be fooled! Henna is more than just paisley and flowers! Our team has access to a variety of techniques from cultures all over the world! Likewise, sometimes we can do “custom” Henna designs, time permitting. Your group will LOVE their henna designs.  Please note that the pictures in our gallery are taken immediately after application (some with glitter, some without).

FAQ about Temporary tattoos:


What is the difference between Airbrush and Face Painting?

The difference between Airbrush tats and face painting comes down to products, mechanics, artistry and speed. Face Painting is done freehand, applied with a brush or sponge. Airbrush utilizes an air compressor and and airbrush which sprays the makeup onto the skin, using stencils. People will often choose airbrush over face painting under the following conditions: 1. When speed is a factor! If you have 50 people to reach at an event which is only lasting 2 hours, Airbrush is a great match. Yes, it costs more than Face Painting, but the coverage can sometimes be double that of Face Painting. 2. When weather or water impact your event! If you are having a pool party, or one where there are water games (like hoses and water balloons) you want Airbrush (or Glitter Tats)! While it isn’t “waterproof”, it is water-resistant. Airbrush by A Touch of Magic also has greater adult appeal. All the fun of a tattoo, with none of the commitment! (Ask us about our “designer tats”! You’ll love our full sleeves!!!)

How many people can you reach with Airbrush, Glitter tats or Henna?

The temporary tattoos by A Touch of Magic Entertainment are a great option for events which need speed! How many people we reach per hour depends upon how many colors we’re using (for Airbrush and Glitter tats), and the size & quantity of designs (for Airbrush, Glitter and Henna). We know that your guests want to do more at your event than simply wait in line, so we work with you to make the perfect recommendation for the number of artists as well as the type & style of artistry which will best suit your needs. Airbrush is the fastest of the three, and we can reach 20-30 people per hour in ideal conditions (with limited color choices and small designs), or up to 15 people per hour with the increasingly popular designer tats. Glitter Tats and Henna can also vary between 15-20 people per hour. We provide temporary tattoos at events ranging from birthday parties to school lock ins and grad parties to company picnics and holiday parties and can customize our designs to your events! (You should see what we did for the Superbowl events in Minnesota!)

What is required for Temporary Tattoos at my event?

For all types we need a 4′ table and 2 chairs per artist. (Two artists can share a 6′ table). If yours is an outdoor event, we require full shelter and protection from the elements. (We can bring a 10′ x 10′ tent for a nominal fee, if needed.) If you are having Airbrush Artistry, we will also need access to an electrical outlet within 3 feet of the table.  For large groups, in order to reach the greatest number of your guests, we’ll also have you provide a line manager. (If your artist is managing the crowd while also trying to be an artist, it can reduce your coverage dramatically.)

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