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Interactive Game Leading for All Ages

It’s time to PLAY!

Remember the good old days when children just played and played and played, developing social skills and enhancing relationships? While we love performing FOR children, we also love playing WITH children, helping them entertain themselves with our interactive games! With a combination of competitive and non-competitive games, we provide age appropriate challenges designed to create success experiences for all participants. When you bring us to PLAY with your group, it will

  • Build self confidence
  • Increase their awareness of self and others
  • Encourage creativity & self expression
  • Develop teamwork
  • Cause fits of laughter
  • Create shared memories
  • Produce joy, laughter and FUN!!

You can’t get all that from a computer, tv or digital screen! Why have a game leader at your event? At your company picnic, holiday party or birthday party, you have your hands full. Sure… you can lead the children in interactive games, but do you really want to? Don’t you have enough to worry about? Let us bring the supplies and the laughter, and all you have to do is relax and take pictures of everyone having fun!



Choose from our different types of games:  

Yard games & races (for ages 4-adult)
Outdoor and Water fun (for all ages)
“Minit-2-winit” (for ages 6-adult)
Indoor Small Play (for ages 3-8)
Gross ’em out Games (for ages 10-13)
Floor Play (for ages 2-4)

THEMED games for birthday parties (e.g. Harry Potter, Pokemon, Fantasy, etc.) We can customize your game package to fit the guests you are anticipating at your event!

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