Comedy Hypnosis for Adults

We get it.   We really do.

You want something which will make everyone laugh, but you’re a little hesitant.

We understand. It’s why our our commitment to clean, safe, dignified humor has caused us to be named “Top Hypnotists in the Country” over and over again!

Yeah… we’re funny. And your friends and colleagues will be funny too. In fact, you’ll laugh harder than you’ve ever laughed before.


There are a lot of hypnotists out there who think it’s funny to have people on stage in compromising situations. We don’t.

There are a lot of hypnotists who believe that since we’re all adults, it’s okay to include inappropriate humor. We don’t.

There is more to a “clean” show than simply avoiding foul language! We are Comedians who have mastered the art of Hypnosis, which means we don’t have to go for the cheap laugh.

And we still PROMISE that you’ll all be able to show your faces at work on Monday.