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Is there a difference between ATOM and other entertainment providers?

You bet there is! In fact, there are predominantly two types of entertainment providers. One type is made up of agencies which hire just about anybody, give them a costume and some supplies, possibly provide a little training, and then send them out to special events. The other type is made up of Professional, Full-time Entertainers/Artists, in business for themselves, networking with other Entertainers. We fall into that second category. Each of the different entertainers we provide is professionally trained, experienced, talented, insured, committed to customer service, and most importantly, LOVES WHAT THEY DO!! Imagine this kind of performer at your event, versus the hobbyist who just does this for a little extra cash on evenings and weekends! Yup, there’s a difference, all right!



How do I qualify for one of your “volume discounts”?

For large events we recognize that you have a lot of people to reach, and often, on a shoestring budget. That’s why we offer volume discounts when you bundle your entertainment. Rather than have you get stuck with the entertainment you can “afford” (which often means sub-standard entertainers or artists who are untrained or inexperienced, making them slow and nervous), we’d rather give you the best entertainment at a discount. For each 10 wo/man hours of entertainment you hire, you’ll receive 5% off of our services up to 20% off.



But XYZ Company is so much cheaper. Why?

Some companies have to compete with price, because they cannot compete with quality. Our clients who have used us consecutively for 15+ years recognize that “you get what you pay for”, and their guests deserve to have something great! You’ll find that, in most cases, we’re on the high end of middle. If you’re just looking for something cheap, we are probably not a good match for you.



Aren’t you all offering the same things?

Yes, we offer the same types of entertainment, but they are definitely not the same! In the Twin Cities, entertainment providers are plentiful, with promises and prices all over the map. We’re right in the middle. More expensive than some. Less expensive than others. You need to decide whether or not you’re more interested in price or quality. Remember that, of all the things you spend money on, your entertainment will be the single most talked about element of your party. They won’t talk about the food, the venue or the prizes. But they WILL reflect on the memories made by the entertainment (and post about it on social media)! Do you really want to cut corners there? At the end of the day, saving $200 won’t matter if you feel like you wasted the $400 you did spend.



We really want to use you, but our budget is limited. Will you match XYZ company?

We’ll do better than that! We’ll create a proposal for you, either based on how many people you want to reach, or how much money you have to spend, and show you how we can reach more people in less time, thereby saving you money OR reaching more people! (Some companies will charge a rock-bottom price, even though they can only reach a fraction of the numbers we can reach. The hourly rate might seem really low, but you’re not hiring someone to “do time” at your party! You’re paying for a service!) Let us work our magic with your numbers! If we can’t help you, we’ll try to direct you to someone who can. We know who’s good and who’s not, and we want you to have a great experience, even if we aren’t the ones providing it!



We’ve worked with XYZ company for years. Why should we switch now?

If you LOVE your entertainment vendor(s), we don’t want you to switch! Stay put! Book early. Be loyal! (It’s the relationship we have with most of our clients as well!) But… if you haven’t been 100% satisfied, or if you’ve never tried to see what else is available, then we invite you to give us a chance. Let us show you what we can do!



Do you do fundraisers and events for non-profit organizations?

Absolutely!! We LOVE special events for good causes! We regularly provide entertainment for churches, synagogues, Relays for Life, Fundraising walks, 5-Ks, benefits, school carnivals and other events designed to promote awareness and raise money. People choose A Touch of Magic over and over again for those events because they understand that it takes money to make money. And with our event-planning expertise and track record for success in fundraisers, we can provide additional insights to increase your exposure and reach your fundraising goals. Remember that when you are spending money for a fundraiser, every penny has to count! It is better to get the best entertainment in town at a discount, than the worst entertainment at full price. We receive 2-4 requests each week to donate entertainment for some very worthy causes. As much as we would love to, we are simply unable to ask our artists to work for free, and turn away paid work in order to accommodate all of the requests that we receive.

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