Is there a difference between ATOM and other entertainment providers?

You bet there is! In fact, there are predominantly two types of entertainment providers. One type is made up of agencies which hire just about anybody, give them a costume and some supplies, possibly provide a little training, and then send them out to special events. The other type is made up of Professional, Full-time Entertainers/Artists, in business for themselves, networking with other Entertainers. We fall into that second category. Each of the different entertainers we provide is professionally trained, experienced, talented, insured, committed to customer service, and most importantly, LOVES WHAT THEY DO!! Imagine this kind of performer at your event, versus the hobbyist who just does this for a little extra cash on evenings and weekends! Yup, there’s a difference, all right!

But XYZ Company is cheaper than you. Will you lower your prices?

Of course not! And you wouldn’t want us to! In entertainment, “you get what you pay for!” Quality counts, and all entertainers are not created equal! A Touch of Magic provides only professional entertainers, allowing us to guarantee a worry-free experience. The important people in your life deserve a quality product and exceptional service. For as many letters as we’ve received raving about our services, we have heard three times as many complaints from people who cut corners for their last event by going with sub-standard entertainment, regretting they had spent any money at all. If you have budget concerns, call us and let our event specialists work with you to create an unforgettable event which leaves your guests excited, and which still helps maintain your bottom line!

How do I find out what’s right for me and what the prices are?

When you’re ready to look at options for your event, simply contact us, and we will reach you as quickly as possible. Our no-obligation event consultation includes prices, availability, and additional references. A Touch of Magic specializes in matching the perfect entertainment for the group receiving it. This cannot be done by computer. It takes a real, live human being, an event planning expert, who can walk you through the steps, whether you are planning your first event or your hundredth event. And if we can’t meet your needs, we’ll help put you in touch with someone who can!

Our Guarantee

If you were burned before, it is understandable that you would be nervous about hiring entertainment again. We deal with many people in your situation. Thank you for not giving up on entertainment providers! The good news is that you never have to be burned again! If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with your entertainment, we’ll make it right for you. In fact, we are the only company in town which offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our services! (Our competitors call us foolish… we call it good business.) When you combine the most talented entertainers in town with an unsurpassed commitment to service, it is easy to leave people satisfied! And that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

Do you do fundraisers and events for non-profit organizations?

Absolutely! We LOVE special events for good causes! We regularly provide entertainment for churches, synagogues, Relays for Life, walks, 5-Ks, benefits, school carnivals and other events designed to promote awareness and raise money. People choose A Touch of Magic over and over again for those events because they understand that it takes money to make money. And with our event-planning expertise and track record for success in fundraisers, we can provide additional insights to increase your exposure and reach your fundraising goals. When you are spending money for a fundraiser, every penny has to count! It is better to get the best entertainment in town at a discount, than the worst entertainment at full price.

Where can I learn more about you?

Check out our YouTube channel. Come and see us live!