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Motivational Speakers & Team Building

Let’s Get Motivated! 

Our motivational speakers will motivate and inspire your audience!  

We work with you to communicate company strategy with clarity, to help employees see the future in a positive light, and to inspire workers to pull together to reach company goals!


Common topics include:  

  • Business
  • Mentoring
  • Team building
  • Sales
  • Inspiration
  • Management
  • Customer Service 

Meet Lori Hurley

Lori Hurley has spent the last 25 years honing her performance skills and fine-tuning her teaching skills to deliver some of the best business sales training you’ll ever experience. It’s not enough to be a good artist or entertainer! Effective classes & workshops require being a good teacher as well!

Meet Denise Oatley Hall

With a career spanning over two decades, Denise Oatley Hall is set to revolutionize the way businesses approach stress, sales, and motivation through mindset transformation. Denise started her career as an inspirational speaker in the early 90’s, traveling across the country and igniting the spark of change in countless individuals. In 2003, she expanded her repertoire and became a comedy hypnotist. Today, she’s a best-selling author on Amazon, an esteemed speaker at international conferences, and a game changer in the realm of personal and professional development. Denise leverages her unique skill set to create custom programs that address the specific needs of businesses. Her innovative approach aims to foster a healthier, more productive work environment by homing in on the power of the mind.

Meet Amye Scharlau

Award winning hypnotist and international speaker and trainer, Amye Scharlau will get your team on their feet! As seen in Zurich, London, Las Vegas, Boston and the Twin Cities, this highly sought after presenter is a master of the human mind, empowering your participants to examine limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles.   Amye’s programs transcend “motivational speaking”. They impact individuals for immediate and long-lasting results.  Each presentation is crafted and researched for your specific goals and messages. Not only is Amye an excellent researcher with a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, but also has a background in comedy and entertainment, which makes her presentations entertaining and uplifting!

Meet Leslie Shore

Drawing on years of experience in the corporate and academic world, Leslie Shore has identified and distilled the art and science of communication. She has presented to governmental organizations, corporations, civic groups and teaches at several universities in the Minneapolis area. Leslie has appeared on both radio and television and is a sought-after communication expert.