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Santa HOME Visit


Click here for our FAQ on home visits with Santa.

$259 (non-Christmas visit) + travel
$329 (12/24 or 12/25) + travel


Are you ready for a memory that will last a lifetime?

We have been producing Christmas magic for over 25 years!

Whether you want Christmas or a date leading up to the holiday, Santa can come to your home and deliver your gifts, read a story, sing with your family or just visit about the North Pole as well as discuss all the good choices your children made this year.

We have several ways of ensuring a magical experience with Santa! (Here is a video to show you how to place an order for your home visit)

And if you want something really magical, imagine that it’s Christmas eve. You’ve put the children to bed, reminding them that Santa will only come after they are tucked away in their beds. And then they hear something…Could it be? Is SANTA here? They sneak out of their rooms (with you following behind with a camera, of course), and they CATCH SANTA placing presents under the tree!

Live and in person! And in their home! Santa is actually in Minnesota! (Rudolph even knows his way around to get Santa to the Twin Cities!) :o)

Imagine Santa’s jovial response at being “caught”, and the conversation which follows! Santa will spend a few minutes with each child, chatting about their good choices, answering questions about the North Pole, and more encouragement for them to keep making good choices. And the best part? He KNOWS them! He’s not just some guy in the mall in a red suit. He knows your children by name!

Of course, Santa can also come earlier in the day when everyone is awake! (And we can help you make him “magically” appear!)

Want to make it extra magical? Combine this in-person visit from Santa with a Virtual Visit with Santa or a Custom-made Santa Video, all from the same Santa!!

   “This is a delight for parents and children. Highest recommendation possible! “ – Brandon’s Mom

   “TOO CUTE!!!! This Santa ROCKS!!!   “ – Joe & Cooper’s Mom

*Note* Due to high demand and limited availability, all reservations are non-cancelable/non-refundable, since you’re holding a time slot that no one else can have.