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Comedy Hypnosis for Teens

We get it.   We really do.

You want something which will make everyone laugh, but you’re a little hesitant. You have heard how great comedy hypnosis is for teens, but you saw it once in Vegas, and now you’re not sure. We understand. It’s why our our commitment to clean, safe, dignified humor has caused us to be named “Top Hypnotists in the Country” over and over again, even though we are local to you. We are the favorite among Minnesota Comedy Hypnotists! Yeah… we’re funny. And your teens will be funny too. But FUNNY ISN’T ENOUGH! There are a lot of hypnotists out there who think it’s funny to have teens on stage in compromising situations. We don’t. There are a lot of hypnotists who believe that since teens see rated R movies, it’s okay to inclue inappropriate humor. We don’t. There is more to a “clean” show than simply avoiding foul language! We are Comedians who have mastered the art of Hypnosis, which means we don’t have to go for the cheapest laugh.


You will love our clean, safe, innovative shows. And you’ll appreciate that your sons and daughters can show their faces in public and not be worried about what they did on stage. We promise!  It’s why most schools have had us each year, for between 5-15 years!  Of all the things you spend money on, your hypnosis show will be the single most talked about activity at your event! Let us show you what we can do!

“It was a ‘family’ type show and those hypnotized were funny but not an embarrassment to themselves. Students loved the show! Kids were all talking about it the next few days at their open houses.”

- P Archambault, St. Anthony Village High School (Satisfied Client since 2005!)

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