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I’ll admit that it frustrates me to walk through the store in July and see school supplies, or to see Halloween decorations & costumes in August.

Why then would I be writing about Christmas and Hanukkah in September?

Because the time to book your holiday entertainment is NOW!  (That is, if quality matters to you, and I hope it does!) :o)

The first Saturday in December (when so many companies plan their events from 8am-11am) is always the first to sell out for holiday entertainment in Minnesota, and then the second Saturday, and then the other dates gradually fill up.

Sadly, each year, we get calls in November for holiday celebrations in the Twin Cities, and folks are surprised when we are unable to help them.  “But my event isn’t for another month…” Yes… but it’s during the busiest month of the year, and there are prime dates which everyone uses for their special events!

It’s not that you won’t be able to find any entertainment if you wait until October. It’s just that the best and most affordable entertainment always gets booked first. You can liken it to buying an airline ticket. You can fly during prime time, but the sooner you buy your ticket, the more choices you’ll have, and the less you’ll pay.

And think about it… if you’re booking your event on short notice, and you find an artist or entertainer whose calendar is wide open, while everyone else has been sold out for weeks, wouldn’t this make you wonder, “If he’s good, why hasn’t anyone else booked him yet?”

Santa's ElvesEach year we sell out just a little bit earlier than last year, and the reason is that event planners who got stuck with “the leftovers” last year realize that hiring the entertainment for their Holiday celebrations needs to be done almost as early as picking the venue, but again, only if quality matters.

This time of year, we’re booking entertainment for three types of events: Christmas Parties, Hanukkah Parties and Holiday Parties. Some events areCorporate Holiday parties for adults only, and others are Holiday parties for families and children.

Here are some ideas for your December party, organized by type:



Hanukkah Parties for Private events & Temple celebrations

Are you planning a Hanukkah party for your Synagogue or for your family? There are quite a few popular entertainment choices.




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Christmas Celebrations and Promotions (targeting intergenerational groups)

When it comes to Christmas parties for children & families (corporate or private), the popular holiday entertainment choices are pretty common.

  • Of course, the most beloved characters of the season are Santa and Mrs. Claus!  Most people believe they want a Real Beard Santa, and who can blame them? But if you are booking Santa for the very first time, you need to screen your Santa very carefully. A naturally white beard and plump figure is not enough to guarantee a magical experience with Santa Claus in the Twin Cities! In fact, I know just as many talented and magical Santas with Designer beards who are told by children “You’re the REAL Santa”, as I do Real Beard Santas.  It all comes down to commitment and credentials! I could write an entire blog on Santa alone. But for now, here are other options…  If your event is a private party on Christmas eve, BOOK EARLY!
  • Face Painting and Balloons (Check out our Holiday Face Painting VIDEO!)
  • Comedy shows for Kids! (Performed by Santa’s elves, if you’d like!)
  • Magic and Juggling around a Christmas theme (strolling or a stage show)
  • Carolers! Whether you want background entertainment or an interactive singalong, our singers will brighten any event with music!

Holiday Parties for Adults
(Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or any other excuse for Adults to get together between December and February)

  • Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows. This is probably the most requested entertainment for corporate holiday parties! There is simply nothing funnier than watching your colleagues see, hear, taste, smell and experience things that aren’t really there! And our shows are completely G-rated! We promise that your peers will be able to show their faces at work on Monday!

    Santa and his Carolers!

  • Comedy Magic Shows. Why go to Vegas when we can bring some of the Country’s best Magicians to your own special event!
  • Music Comedy Show.  Imagine your peers taking a trip down memory lane with the hilarious antics of “Laverne & Lucy”, Music–Comedy–Audience Participation! All rolled up into a nice hour-long performance that will leave your group feeling good!


And if you don’t need a show, but you’d like entertainment in the background, consider the following:

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or both, we can help.

I hope this helps give you ideas for this year’s party! Now is the time to meet with your committees and budget for your entertainment (not after the money has been spent on the venue, food, DJ and prizes). :o)

And if you would like a free event consultation, just give me a call! 300+ events per year for the last 20+ years means I’ve seen it all, and I’ll be able to steer you towards something AMAZING!