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Entertainment Business Magic – Making REAL money as an Artist or Entertainer at Special Events


Entertainment Business Magic is written for the entertainer who is ready to take life by the horns and create the kind of success and freedom that others are waiting for retirement to have. I am not opposed to having a great retirement, but I am even more committed that the entertainers who read this book begin to recognize that they can have a life worth living right now, while they are young enough, healthy enough, vibrant enough and still skilled enough to have that life! *Note* If you already own Lori’s previous book, “How to Make a Living as a Full-time Entertainer”, this book is an updated, upgraded edition, with the previous great principles and about 20% more outstanding content to help your small business to soar.




Do You Need This Book?   Take This Self-Test Now!


 X     Do you wish you could make more money doing what you love?
 X     Do your customers ever balk at your prices?
 X     Does it seem like you can only get gigs during peak months of the year?
 X     Do you ever have trouble collecting from your clients?
 X     Would you like to be able to count on your business, even in a recession?
 X     Does it feel like your city is saturated with entertainers who do what you do, such that there isn’t enough to go around?
 X     Do you wish you were more organized?
 X     Are you tired of having to compete for the gigs?
 X     Are you frustrated with the entertainers in your market who do a lousy job, yet they still get hired anyway??

If you said YES to any of these questions, this book will save your sanity and increase your business!!



Lori is an accomplished speaker and performer who has been a successful entrepreneur, delighting audiences of all ages since 1986 with clowning, physical comedy, stage hypnosis, face/body art, balloon sculptures, magic, and general silliness. She has an extensive background in sales, communication, facilitation and the healing arts. Lori has been seen on television and stages in Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Japan, Canada and across the United States. She regularly receives rave reviews on her ability to empower participants to produce results beyond their wildest dreams.