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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a goofy gram singing telegram?

Imagine a group of people gathered together, when suddenly, an energetic entertainer arrives, calling attention to your recipient with engaging interactions, a fun musical number and group participation. Imagine the delight of your peers when everyone realizes that so-and-so is about to be honored. Imagine the reaction of your recipient as they realize just how much you care! That's a Goofy Gram Singing Telegram! 

What makes your telegrams different?

More than just a costumed character singing a generic song, our innovative routines are interactive, our songs are catchy and our performers are dynamic and engaging. We bring joy and laughter with engaging parodies and playful patter. Each singing telegram is customized specifically for your special occasion. We have several packages from which to choose, and the length of the appearance can vary from 5-12 minutes. We even give you the opportunity to have a custom-written jingle for your recipient, filled with personal information, plus improv to delight, embarrass, surprise and amuse your guest of honor.


You can use our convenient scheduling system to pick the perfect time for your delivery. We promise that your artist will arrive within that 1-hour delivery window. In the unlikely event of construction, weather or other unforeseen delays, we will make sure that your artist stays in touch with you. After you place your order, you will be directed to our "thank you" page to schedule the narrowed time frame. (If you need a narrower window, OR if we have less than 1 business day's notice, additional fees apply)


Our musical deliveries can be delivered to homes, offices, restaurants, malls, schools, community centers... basically, any place with a door! Our delivery area is the Twin Cities (within the 494/694 loop) for a nominal zone fee of $24. Additional travel charges of $1/mile RT, for telegrams outside that area may apply, or for telegrams in either downtown (sent as a separate invoice, since our "shopping cart" can't calculate mileage, due within 24 hours of it being sent). If you aren't having a live celebration but would still like to honor your special someone, please reach out to us for more information on our VIRTUAL Goofy Grams! Whether in person, live (via Zoom) or a recorded video, we can deliver for YOU!

Can I deliver a singing telegram to a party with AN INTERGENERATIONAL AUDIENCE?

All of the entertainment at A Touch of Magic is G-rated, suitable for the youngest and oldest present! If you are looking for something raunchy, we are not a good fit for you. BUT... if you are looking for something edgy, feel free to consider our "Gorilla-my-dreams-extreme", which is our original gorilla strip! This act features our original Gorilla character with clothes on top. When the music starts to play, we strip down TO the gorilla suit with pasties or boxers, depending upon the desired final gender.) 🙂 All the fun and embarrassment of a stripper, with none of the discomfort. We do not have any sexually explicit acts or immodestly dressed artists in our shows.


Once you know what you want, that's the time to schedule your singing telegram, so that you can get your best choices of character and delivery windows. We are able to provide service on short notice (less than a business day) for a nominal rush fee, and we promise that your special someone will think you've planned it for weeks! You'll look like a hero!


Our services are non-cancellable/non-refundable, since you are holding a time slot which no one else can have. If, however, something comes up, as long as you provide 48 hours' written notice, you may reschedule your goofy gram within two weeks for a nominal $39 rescheduling charge, due at the time the delivery is rescheduled, and no later than 2 weeks from the original date.

Is it appropriate to tip the artist?

Gratuities are ALWAYS appreciated for stellar service! (And if you have an experience with your artist which leaves you thinking you do not want to tip, give us a call! We guarantee your satisfaction!)

“I have worked with this company for several years in a row for our high school’s All Night Party and they have never let us down. Their attention to detail and providing top-notch artists keep us coming back year after year. They provide proactive communication and a worry-free experience. Someone is always available during the event in case there is an issue, which we have never had. The artists are professional and work so well with the students. We book early to ensure they can fit us into their schedule as they are well worth it. Thanks for all the fun they have provided the students and parents over the years, can’t wait until next year’s party!!”

Simley High School (Satisfied Customer since 2004)